Er'cana pellet

Pellets ready to be brought to the Uran silo.

These pellets are actually a hyper-condensed form of minerals and nutrients, serving as food for the bioluminescent algae in the D'ni lake. Once they touch water, they dissolve, making the algae absorb the nutrients and glow brighter than usual. Kadish made them in order to solidify his position as the Grower, making people believe he was bringing light to the cavern by making the lake glow bright. A link to a silo in the industrial district of Uran, which was presumably used to test the pellets' effectiveness, is located beside the pellet manufacturing device.

Pellet points[edit]

Explorers accumulate "pellet points" in their KI for each pellet dropped into the lake. Points are based on pellet quality, as determined by a meter in the Silo; the better the quality, the more points awarded per pellet. Roughly 1/6 of the points are given to the lake total, the rest goes to the KI score[1].

Effect on algae[edit]

Main article: Pellet Recipe

Although the chemical content of the pellet is unknown, the effect of the pellet on the algae is readily visible when dropped into the lake water. The effect varies according to the 'recipe' used to 'cook' the pellets, which determines how beneficial the pellet is to the lake algae. The ideal reaction, according to the DRC, creates a deep, orange glow that blooms outward through the algae. Other reactions include a bright, white glow, bubbles, steam, or no reaction at all. Certain recipes can even produce 'exploders', pellets that explode when they hit the water.



  1. Chogon at June 18, 2021 21:01:59 (UTC) in #dev on OpenUru:

    When you drop pellets at the ErcanaCitySilo, 1/6 goes to the lake and 5/6 goes to your KI - roughly, there is a small percentage of randomness.