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Fall of D'ni Memorial

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Fall of D'ni Memorial
Location Fall of D'ni Memorial Island, D'ni

The Fall of D'ni Memorial is a memorial to commemorate the victims of the Fall of D'ni. It's a part of the current explorer restoration effort. It was created by Christopher Therburg, also known as TGMChrist.

It was previously planned to erect the memorial at Kings Lookout, but the location was then moved to Sutherland Point. Recently the location of the memorial has been moved to a small island in the cavern near Ae'gura.[1]

A small model of the memorial can be found on the desk of TGMChrist in Chiso Preniv.

Fall of D'ni Memorial-specific restoration phases[edit]

  1. Making a concept for the memorial.
  2. Measure and calculate the location and dimensions for the memorial.
  3. Select materials and roughly process the memorial.
  4. Precision work, quads and bronze plates for the memorial.
  5. Placing the memorial on the island.


The Fall of D'ni Memorial was created by TGMChrist and first announced on November 11, 2021.[2]