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Fall of D'ni Memorial Island

Fall of D'ni Memorial Island
Name in D'ni ban'tefUnet
Location Cavern
Restoration progress
Current phase Phase Five
Phase 1 began December 30, 2021
Phase 5 began May 6, 2023

The Fall of D'ni Memorial Island or officially Bahn’tefoonet ("Memorial Island" in D'ni) is a small island in the D'ni cavern which was found by explorer TGMChrist and is currently being converted into a memorial by TGMChrist and the Restoration Team.

It contains the eponymous Fall of D'ni Memorial also made by TGMChrist.


The island will be either accessed via a linking book on a pedestal in the Chiso Preniv library or the Nexus. Later it will be also possible to reach the island with a boat from Ae'gura.


The island itself is relative small and covered with stalagmites like any other island in the cavern. There used to be an even larger stalagmite where the memorial now stands. There is also a dock on the island and a stairway to the memorial with a balcony on the halfway.


The island was already in use some time before the Fall, but for what purpose it served is currently unknown. It is believed that the island was either used for weddings or was most likely a small park overlooking Ae'gura.

In 2015, Christopher Therburg, also known as TGMChrist, was one of the few who noticed the island for the first time.

Starting in late 2021, TGMChrist announced that the island will be restored and turned into a memorial place dedicated to the fall of D'ni after two location in Ae'gura were rejected.[1]


The Fall of D'ni Memorial Island was created by TGMChrist and Tweek and was first announced on December 30, 2021[2] after the previous locations Kings Lookout and Sutherland Point had been rejected.


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