Yeesha's Journeys

The Journeys are five quests given by Yeesha to the explorers, leading through several D'ni Ages where explorers participate in freeing the bahro and learning more about what Yeesha perceives as the darker sides of D'ni culture.

It is unknown whether the Journeys presents explorers with a view of the D'ni's true behavior, or whether this is merely an exaggerated presentation on Yeesha's part.

When a puzzle is solved, the player is rewarded a new bahro wedge for a ring in Relto. The Journey is complete when the ring is complete.

First Journey[edit]

Journey cloth and bookmark from Yeesha's first Journey

Yeesha chose the following Ages for her first Journey:

In particular, these Ages feature cloths and doors required to finish the Journey, and various forms of visible background information, such as glyphs.

Both Eder Delin and Eder Tsogal have cloths similar to the Journey cloths; their purpose and relationship to Yeesha's journey is still unclear.

Several DRC members and contractors are known to have taken the Journey, including Phil Henderson, Dr. Watson and Douglas Sharper.

Second Journey[edit]

The second Journey involves two identical time-based puzzles in two different D'ni Ages: Eder Delin and Eder Tsogal. These Ages can be accessed through any neighborhood, though only one of the two Ages can be found in each neighborhood.

Third Journey[edit]

The third Journey is entirely situated on one Age, though to those unfamiliar with these places, they will appear as four different pod Ages. It revolves around Portals.

Fourth Journey[edit]

The fourth Journey was started on May 24, 2007. It consists of only one Age: Minkata. The symbol of this journey is a jagged vertical line with two filled circles on the left and two hollow circles on the right.

Fifth Journey[edit]

The fifth Journey (also known as the Path of the Shell) was started on June 26, 2007. It consists of the Ages of Er'cana and Ahnonay. The linking symbol of this journey is a shell; for this reason this Journey is also sometimes referred to as the Path of the Shell.