Imager (Cleft)

Cleft imager.jpg
Location Cleft

The Cleft imager is found in the "kitchen", and was apparently installed by Yeesha, since there is no mention of it in The Book of Atrus or the other games and novels. It is powered by the windmill, and plays its messages only when you select the correct four symbols on the front panel. Unlike the D'ni one, this is also a true 3D imager, capable of playing back an image of a person at full scale with surround sound.

Yeesha left three recorded messages: the first tells vaguely about the Journey, and to find the seven Journey Cloths in each Age. This can be played by entering the symbols beside the door into the room. The second is only accessible upon the completion of Yeesha's Journey, in which Yeesha gives the successful explorer rewards (a special shirt and a Linking Book to both versions of the Cleft). It can be played by entering the symbols found on the floor of the orange bahro cave in Rudenna (which are different for every explorer). The third (not accessible in Uru: Complete Chronicles) is primarily an audio-only recording congratulating the explorer for completing the Path of the Shell, and rewarding the explorer with a link to K'veer by means of a shell hologram. This message can be played by entering the symbols on the wall of the lower Er'cana Bahro Cave.