Korokh Jimah

The Korokh Jimah ( Korok jima, Terahnee for "book of prophecy") was a Terahnee compilation of ancient prophecies from Garternay, but large portions were actually spurious material added later. It became the holy book of the relyimah because of lines foretelling their freedom.


"Discordant time. The smallest of
enemies un-mans them all.
Hidden within the hidden.
A breath and then darkness." -vv. 4302-3[1]

"Torn pages curl and brown.
The flames fly up.
In the flickering light a cry.
Who will lift the fallen stones?
Who will link the broken chain?" -vv. 11383-86[2]

"A seabird calls.
The unknowing one stands at the rail.
Peace. The circle closed.
The last word written." - vv. 13245-46[3]

"A burrowing worm blinks in the sunlight
and pulls his eyes down over his eyes.
Earth's mouth steams. Deep voices grumble.
Time draws a jagged line upon the sand
in which the woman waits." -vv. 21660-64[4]


Explanations of the prophecies have been given by fans[5]. Their explanation respectively have been:


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