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Noloben is a home Age of the bahro. After the fall of D'ni, it also served as the refuge for a D'ni citizen named Esher.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The main island is a roughly circular grassy plateau, with steep cliffs that drop down to a sandy beach, where Noloben's Take can be found. Atop the grassy plain is a round stone structure, within which Esher built a lab. This lab can only be accessed from below by properly orienting a set of four rotatable columns of rock. When correctly aligned, a complete pathway leads into the center of the plateau, where a flight of stairs ascends into the lab.

On top of the lab is a small observation platform. A large magnifying lens provides an enhanced view of a nearby island, connected by a shallow land-bridge. The interior of this island is secured by a door which only opens when standing on a pressure-sensitive glyph on the observation platform. Inside this island is the Keep.

History[edit | edit source]

Noloben is described by Esher as being a home of the bahro, an alien race which the D'ni enslaved for millennia. When D'ni fell, Esher escaped to this Age. During his time here, he carried out a number of brutal biological experiments on the bahro, including stripping a piece of skin off of one to give himself their ability to link at will. To protect himself from their ire and retribution, he secured his lab with snakes which the bahro were afraid of approaching.

In the early 2000's CE, The DRC discovered Noloben, and Marie Sutherland met with Esher. At the time, the DRC were not aware of the bahro's presence on the Age. In 2005 CE, Noloben was one of four Ages used for "the quest", a series of tasks that rewarded their undertaker with control of the Tablet, thereby giving them power over the bahro. Dr. Watson took this quest, and used the Tablet to free the bahro.

In 2007 CE, a group of rebel bahro killed Willow Engberg after she stumbled into one of their caves in D'ni. In retribution, DRC contractor Douglas Sharper traveled to Noloben to kill one of the bahro. He had intended to kill a member of the rebel faction, but one of the bahro aligned with the interests of the explorers sacrificed themselves instead, preventing the escalation of hostilities against explorers in the cavern. The DRC has determined that Noloben is too dangerous for explorers to visit, and has declared it off-limits.