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Race D'ni
Name in D'ni eSer
Portrayed by David Ogden Stiers

Esher is a D'ni zoologist who survived the Fall of D'ni in 9400 DE (1744 CE) by fleeing to the Age of Noloben.

During his time on Noloben, he was forced to live with the Age's native inhabitants, the bahro. He built a lab, where he performed many cruel experiments on them. Though the bahro are an intelligent species, he saw them as little more than animals who had perverted the D'ni craft of regestoy. Eventually, through these torturous experiments, he was able to understand their ability to link at will without the use of Books. Esher took a patch of skin from one of his victims,[1] and used it to give himself the same ability. It is also believed that under the duress of torture, Nekisaloth revealed to Esher the existence of the Tablet, which he could use to completely control the bahro and their powers.

Believing himself to be the Grower prophesied in the writings of the Watcher, Esher sought to obtain the power of the Tablet and use it to restore D'ni to its former glory. He also scoffed at the efforts of Yeesha and the DRC to rebuild the Cavern. He saw them as inferior because none of them were pure D'ni, and held a particular animosity toward Yeesha because she was the great granddaughter of Ti'ana, whom he blamed for his people's downfall. There is evidence that Esher met with Marie Sutherland during the DRC's first restoration effort in the late 1990s and early 2000s CE, but there is no additional detail about their meeting or any follow-up action taken by the DRC. In 2007, Victor Laxman told explorers that he assumed the Myst 5 character of Esher was based on this Noloben survivor.[2]

In order to claim the Tablet, Esher helped guide Dr. Watson throughout the Ages that held the Slates, while urging him to hand him the Tablet once he released it. However, Watson saw through his plan, and gave the Tablet back to the bahro. Once the bahro were freed, they captured Esher and brought him before Yeesha in Releeshahn, wanting to know what to do with him. Yeesha, although deeming herself unworthy to give the bahro orders anymore, suggested they treat him "[how] the Great [would] the Least." His fate is currently unknown.


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