Rakeri (lord)

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This article is about the D'ni lord. For other uses, see Rakeri (disambiguation).
Rakeri (lord)
Race D'ni
Name in D'ni raKerE
Personal details
Died 9392 DE

Grand Master Rakeri of the Guild of Miners was one of the Five Lords of D'ni, and father of Master Veovis of the Guild of Writers. He lived in a grand mansion on the island of K'veer, and owned six ancient Ages, including Nidur Gemat.

When his son was rescued from a rockslide in the Great Shaft by Aitrus of the Guild of Surveyors, a grateful Rakeri offered Aitrus anything he wished, but Aitrus humbly refused, seeking to make his own way and by his own merits. Despite the eventual souring in the relationship between Aitrus and Veovis, relations between Aitrus and Rakeri remained relatively cordial.

Several years later, during the search for two missing Guildsmen, Rakeri specifically requested that Aitrus - now a Master in his Guild - come to K'veer as part of the investigation, a sign of the trust he placed in the younger man. He complimented Aitrus on his kindness and his wisdom, despite Veovis' antipathy towards him. Evidence of illicit Ages in Veovis' handwriting - and the discovery of the bodies of the two Guildsmen in one of those ages - pointed to Veovis as the culprit (part of a plot to bring down D'ni society by the vengeful exile A'gaeris), and Rakeri coldly allowed the Maintainers to take Veovis away.

During Veovis' trial, Rakeri became seriously ill. The Great Bell on Ae'gura rang to announce his death just after Veovis was sentenced to a Prison Age.