Wahrk game

Wahrk game
The Wahrk game in Riven
Location Riven Schoolhouse

Gehn had a fairly morbid way of teaching the Rivenese children D'ni numerals. He invented a game where two small game pieces, in the shape of humans suspended by their ankles, were lowered in increments toward a miniature Wahrk figurine. These increments were "rolled" by spinning the base of the game, which in turn revealed a D'ni numeral. The losing player's game piece was fed to the Wahrk after dropping a set number of increments down from the top of the game.

It was noted by RAWA that they had originally considered having the game roll numbers higher than 10 but ultimately decided against it, forcing the player to rely on pattern recognition in the symbols between 1 and 10 to infer the rest of the sequence.

This game also resembles a scaled-down version of the popular "Piranha panic" game.