Riven schoolhouse

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Riven Schoolhouse
Location Riven

The Riven schoolhouse was a schoolhouse located on Riven's Jungle Island. It was located across the lake from the village and required the use of the railed bathysphere to access.

The schoolhouse was where the Rivenese villagers would learn to read, write, and speak the D'ni language.


At the time at which the stranger visited it, the schoolhouse featured several notable furnishings.

  • A wooden bowl containing pieces of star-shaped Rivenese brown mushroom fruit.
  • A wooden toy, dubbed the Wahrk game, recreating a scene resembling the Wahrk gallows.
  • Various wall plaques featuring the letters of the D'ni alphabet.
  • An imager that plays a recording of Gehn speaking a phrase in the D'ni language.
  • A chalkboard upon which the "Rules of Gehn" were written.