Riven (game)

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For the Age, see Riven.
Riven: The Sequel to Myst
Riven boxart.png
Developer Cyan
Publishers Brøderbund, Acclaim, Sega, Enix, Mean Hamster Software
Designers Robyn Miller, Richard Vander Wende
Releases MacOS & Windows: October 29, 1997
PS1: Nov 30, 1997[1]
Saturn: Apr 9, 1998 (JP)
Saturn: May 15, 1998 (EU)[2]
Pocket PC: Dec 20, 2005[1]
iOS: Jan 12, 2011[3]
Android: Apr 26, 2017[4]
Genres graphic adventure, puzzle
Mode single-player
ESRB rating E
Media 5 CD-ROMs, 1 DVD
Input keyboard, mouse
Preceded by Myst
Followed by Myst III: Exile; Myst: The Book of D'ni

Riven is a 1997 computer game developed by Cyan and distributed by Red Orb, and the first sequel to Myst. The events of Riven take place in 1806.


As the Stranger, the player gets to experience the final days of Riven, Gehn's "Fifth Age". You are asked by Atrus to free his wife Catherine—who is being held by Gehn on Prison Island—and to trick Gehn into becoming imprisoned in a trap book. Finally, you signal Atrus by crushing the glass under the telescope on Temple Island, opening the Star Fissure and thus triggering the destruction of the already distressingly unstable Age. Catherine has just enough time to rescue all the remaining inhabitants. She and her husband Atrus then reunite with you, thanking you and linking away, leaving you to jump through the fissure moments before the Age's collapse.

Realtime 3D Remake

Main article: Riven (2024)

Since the release of realMYST, many fans have awaited a remake of Riven in real-time 3D. Cyan has never released such a product or even hinted that one was in progress, so the fan-made production company 59 Volt Entertainment has begun The Starry Expanse Project to recreate Riven in an interactive real-time 3D environment.

On October 2022, for the game's 25th anniversary, Cyan and the Starry Expanse team together announced that an official remake was being made by Cyan.[5] The fan-made production therefore would not be completed.


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