Third Restoration of D'ni

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For the restoration led without the supervision of the DRC since 2010 CE, see the Fourth Restoration of D'ni.

The Third Restoration of D'ni, sometimes referred to as the "Second Modern Restoration of D'ni", was a human-led effort to rebuild and re-inhabit the D'ni cavern that began in the first decade of the 21st century CE. Although the line between "archaeological expedition" and "restoration effort" is blurry during this period, for the purposes of this Archive, the restoration effort itself is considered to have begun in 2006 CE, with the return of the DRC to the Cavern in a limited capacity.

The Third Restoration mostly coincide with the Gametap episodes.

Ages recovered

The DRC recovered a number of Ages during the Third Restoration. Some were made available to explorers during the restoration, while Yeesha provided access to some others after the DRC evacuated the cavern. Still more were still in various stages of restoration at the time that the DRC left; their current status and location is uncertain.

Released by the DRC

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