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Author unknown
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Released August 2, 2007

Jalak (jalaK[contested]; also known as Jalak Dador[1]) is an Age that, according to sources translated by the DRC, was used for some sort of sport or competition. The specific details of the original game are unknown. Explorers are encouraged to invent their own games, or use their creativity to build unique structures.

Visitors link onto the "playing field", though there must have been other linking points that allowed spectators access to the stands. The field consists of a 5x5 grid of squares; each square approximately 5 feet to a size. Each corner of the playing field has a unique color and symbol on it: blue "swirl", red "U", green "circle" and yellow "fish". This same pattern and orientation is mirrored on each square, so that each one has a blue, red, green and yellow corner. Each square can be raised or lowered about 3 feet at a time. There are 20 possible heights for each square. The sides of the columns are decorated in symbols with a somewhat Mesoamerican style.

The playing field is surrounded by stands for spectators on each of its sides. The stands are nearly perfectly vertical structures with a number of holes that some speculate are windows, though they are rather small and have no pattern to their placement. Flags matching the color of each corner fly from the area of stands nearest that corner. The rest of the Age appears to be a jungle swamp.

A special contextual interface on the KI allows for a variety of manipulations to the playing field:

  • The entire playing field can be raised to maximum, half or minimum elevation.
  • The playing field's columns can be randomized to a wide or narrow range of elevations.
  • A force field around the playing field can be raised and lowered.
  • Holographic objects (a sphere, 2 sizes of cube, a rectangular prism, and a wedge) can be spawned into the playing field.
  • All holographic objects can be removed.

Jalak was greeted with various reactions from the explorers. Some enjoyed the the wide range of possibilities for playing and creating, while others were frustrated that the DRC had spent their efforts on restoring an Age that seemed to serve no purpose.


  1. Jalak is the correct name; Jalak Dador is a pun, possibly started by Ryan Miller, on the phrase "D'ya lock tha door".