Race D'ni
Sixteenth King of D'ni
Reign 2779 DE - 3000 DE
Coronation 2779 DE
Preceded by Hinash
Succeeded by Rakeri
Personal details
Born 2704 DE
Died 3000 DE
Father Hinash
Name in D'ni nEDra

Needrah took the throne in 2779 at the age of 75.

Needrah had been a member of the Minor Guild of Sculptors at the same time as the great sculptor Lahkeer, and as a result the two were excellent friends. As Needrah took the throne Lahkeer, who was four years younger, was starting to be recognized. Those who had seen his work were already claiming him as one of the greatest artists D'ni had ever seen[1] even though most had never heard his name.

Needrah had always been a proud supporter of cave expansion and once he gained the throne made it his mission to make sure that his people felt the same way.

Needrah's three older brothers were very close to him, and in fact, took the role of his closest advisors. Each was a Guild Master, the oldest with the Guild of Miners, the second with the Guild of Stone Masons, and the third with the Minor Guild of Architects. Because of their positions, each ended up having a great affect on the accomplishments of Needrah.

Most of the evidence supports the fact that it was not Needrah's persuasive speeches or motivational abilities alone that pushed the expansions, but also the fantastic skill and talent of Lahkeer. He only needed one chance to prove his skill to the public and Needrah gave him that opportunity in 2807 with the design for a monument to the discovery of the Book of Birenni. After that, Lahkeer along with Needrah and his brother presented a plan for a new residential district. From that point forward it seems as though expansion could not have have been stopped even if someone had tried.

Throughout the 221 years of Needrah's reign four new districts were begun including the residential Jaren, the elite of the elite districts Kaleh, the business district of Kali and the industrial district (managing importation and manufacturing of foreign goods) Nehw'eril District.

In 2916, the Guild of Mechanists announced industrial extrusion, allowing for further improvements in construction methods including "uni-structural"[2] buildings.

Needrah passed away in the year 3000 at the age of 296. He had two daughters, but no sons of his own to give the throne. Instead he chose the oldest son of his brother to succeed.


  1. From The Man from J'Taeri by Kimal. Written in 3243
  2. Instead of joining of blocks that had been used up to that point, uni-structural consctruction allowed for the "wearing of different stone, almost like a sweater", as one historian described it, making it appear as a single seamless piece of stone