Race D'ni
Fifth King of D'ni
Reign 812 DE - 997 DE
Coronation 812 DE
Preceded by Ja'kreen
Succeeded by Mararon
Personal details
Born 717 DE
Died 997 DE
Children name unknown
name unknown
name unknown
name unknown
Name in D'ni vESa

Veesha took the throne in the year of 812 at the age of 95. When Veesha took the throne, he already had two sons of his own and ended up having three more before his death (a large number for D'ni).

Though his father had completely rejected religion in his later years, Veesha was an extremely religious man who, some say, tried too hard to push his convictions on the people and, in the end, probably pushed many away. In fact, he forced into law a number of strict guidelines pertaining to marriage and adultery, as well as oaths and vows, many of which were removed by his son.

Many say the greatest mark of Veesha's reign concerned the health of his fifth son. The boy was a Maintainer and at the age of 50, on a routine check of Ages, was almost killed. Though the cause of his near-death is unclear (certain documents point to inhalation of toxic gases), he ended up falling into a deep coma that the Healers said he would never come out of.

In response, Veesha gave a powerful speech, boldly announcing to the people that Yahvo would heal his son and that he would awake again. Despite opposition from the Church, two prophetesses who advised him, and the Guild of Healers, Veesha maintained his faith for over three years until the "impossible" happened and his son awoke.

Though many disagreed with Veesha's religious convictions, "there was not a single D'ni, besides Veesha, who was not shocked by the awakening and forced to look again at their own faith in Yahvo."[1]

Veesha died of natural consequences in 997 at the age of 280. he left the throne to the "reborn" son, Mararon.


  1. From The Miracle written by Teshan in 1072.