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Noloben slate.jpg
Noloben Slate
Location Direbo, Laki'ahn, Noloben, Taghira, Todelmer, K'veer

The Slate is a strange yet innovative device which allows communication with the bahro. By writing a rudimentary command symbol on the Slate, then dropping it on the ground, a bahro will be summoned to fulfill whatever command has been written.

Note that the slate becomes non-corporeal if it is not resting on a pedestal or in the hands of the player. Thus, while it does add a significant weight to the player when carrying it, it weighs nothing when dropped.

There are four slates in all, each corresponding to their designated Ages (the Noloben slate has a rounded top, the Taghira slate has a triangular top, the Todelmer slate has a diamond-like top, and the Laki'ahn slate is entirely rounded). These four slates can be used to unlock the Keep and gain access to the Tablet.