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Race Averonese

Irras was a young Averonese man who assisted Atrus in his efforts to break free of his prison on K'veer. He was close friends with Marrim and Carrad, two other Averonese youth who formed a tight bond with Atrus and Catherine during the four years they spent working together.

After Atrus finally broke out of K'veer and back into D'ni, Irras and his friends from Averone once again joined him in the undertaking that would become the First Restoration of D'ni. During this effort, while exploring a great home in the Jaren District with other Averonese team members, he realized that the home had been cleaned of the grime left over from the gas attack used in fall of D'ni. This realization prompted Atrus to make exploring the Ages found within the house a top priority, beginning with Bilaris. From Bilaris, a large contingent of D'ni survivors eventually found their way back to the Cavern.

Irras also joined Atrus on the expedition into Terahnee after an ancient Linking Book was uncovered in the long-forgotten Tomb of the Great King. When Atrus wrote Releeshahn as a new home for the D'ni, Irras was one of those who settled there.