From Guild of Archivists
Author Atrus
Written 9463 DE
Connections Chroma'agana

Averone is an inhabited Age written by Atrus in approximately 9463 DE.


Like so many of Atrus's Ages, Averone is a small island in a vast sea, inhabited by a small native population who live in long wooden lodges. The island is forested, and the sea provides an ample supply of fish.


Atrus wrote Averone in order to ask its inhabitants for help in excavating his way out of K'veer and back into the rest of D'ni. Originally, the link between Averone and D'ni was to be closed following the completion of Atrus's work, but after the four years of excavations were completed, and following much deliberation on the part of the Averonese elders, it was decided that the link would remain open. The Averonese whom Atrus had befriended would be allowed to aid him in restoring D'ni and searching for survivors of its destruction, on the condition that they returned periodically to educate the island's younger children.

The Book of D'ni suggests that most—if not all—of the Averonese expeditionary crew relocated to Releeshahn once Atrus finished writing it. However, it is unclear whether the rest of the Averonese people did so as well, or whether a link to Averone was kept open.