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A DRC photo of Kahlo, possibly the area beneath the Hive.
Name in D'ni Kalo
Author unknown
Restoration progress
Current phase Phase Four

Kahlo, not to be confused with the Ae'gura pub that shares its name, was one of the ancient D'ni Ages, known for having enormous bones poking out of the landscape. According to Dr. Watson, the Restoration team ran into some "resource problems" of some sort, which he did not provide an explanation for.

Kahlo was at Phase Four when the DRC abandoned the cavern in 2004 CE. When they returned in 2006, Dr. Kodama and Michael Engberg announced that they had begun working on the Age again thanks to a small trickle of money from a then-un-named benefactor interested in re-starting the restoration. According to Dr. Kodama[1], Kahlo was re-suspended due to lack of sufficient resources to complete the restoration in a timely manner.

Based on current images and illustrations of the Age, it appears to be similar to an elephant graveyard here on Earth, but for much larger creatures. The Age also appears to be inhabited by flying creatures (supposedly the kamkentas depicted on the walls of Eder Kemo), which dwell in a huge bone-like structure referred to as "the hive".