Michael Engberg

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Michael Engberg
Race Human
Personal details
Born September 9, 1966 CE
Children Willow Engberg

Michael Engberg is an expert in architectural structure and history, having received a Masters of Building Science from University of Southern California. He was the last person to join the D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) as a council member during the Second Restoration, in 1999 CE. While the DRC operated within the Cavern, he was in charge of overseeing Phase Four restoration efforts.

When the DRC returned to D'ni in late 2006 CE, Engberg was briefly in charge of the restoration project on the Age of Kahlo, but work was suspended again according to Dr. Kodama, who cited limitations in resources at the time. Throughout the Third Restoration, Engberg repeatedly butted heads with the DRC's new funder, Cate Alexander, who was pressing for the Council to release new Ages and Cavern locations at a faster pace than the rest of the Council was comfortable with.

In May of 2007, Engberg's daughter Willow was killed by a bahro nekisahl. Stricken with grief and anger, he abruptly left the Cavern, and after several months was replaced on the Council by Cate Alexander. He returned briefly on September 10th of that year, but departed after a short conversation with his former DRC colleague, Marie Sutherland. He has not been seen in the Cavern since then.

At some point after the end of the Third Restoration in 2008, Engberg appears to have re-joined the DRC Council. In 2018 CE, he appeared as the official signatory on a DRC document that granted stewardship of the Age of Gahrkahl Togitsah to explorer Eleri Hamilton.