Bahro nekisahl

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The bahro nekisahl (ba'ro neKisal) are a faction of the bahro that emerged after their race was freed from their enslavement to the Tablet. The name of their faction—"nekisahl"—which was coined by Yeesha[citation needed], is a D'ni word meaning "twisted".[1]


The nekisahl follow a leader who was tortured and experimented on by Esher, on the Age of Noloben.[2] They have chosen to use their newfound freedom to exact revenge[3] and retribution against the D'ni for the millennia of suffering and mistreatment the bahro endured under their control.[citation needed] The rest of the bahro are engaged in a civil war against the nekisahl to stop them from spreading destruction.[4]



According to Phil Henderson and Dr. Watson, the civil war is most intense on Releeshahn,[citation needed] though they have not provided details on what that entails.

Willow Engberg[edit]

In May of 2007, the nekisahl came to D'ni.[4] After an earthquake on Ae'gura, Willow Engberg and her friend Rosette Taylor snuck into a bahro cave that had been revealed near the entrance to the Kahlo Pub. A second quake soon hit, which killed Rosette, injured Willow, and sealed off the entrance they had come through. While the DRC rushed to rescue her by digging down from the Tokotah building above, Willow reported via her KI that there was a bahro in the room with her. Shortly before the DRC finally reached the chamber she was in, the bahro began to repeat the word "Noloben". It then murdered Willow just as the excavation team, which was being led by her father Michael Engberg, breached the ceiling of the chamber.[citation needed]


Throughout 2007, the nekisahl attacked and mutilated the native creatures of the Pod Age, especially those that lived near the Negilahn pod. In March of that year, Douglas Sharper and his assistant Nick White, along with an explorer named Rils, went on an expedition outside the Negilahn pod to investigate these deaths. They reported back that the creatures were seemingly being killed for sport by a predator that was new to the environment. During a follow-up expedition that took place at the same time as the Willow Engberg incident, Sharper was nearly killed when he wandered into a trap that the nekisahl had set for him. He was saved at the last minute by another bahro.[citation needed]


In September of 2007, the nekisahl returned to the Cavern in force, as did the bahro who opposed them. Swarms of them could be seen circling Kerath's Arch, while others swooped through the streets and canyons in Ae'gura. It was also around this time that Yeesha made a final appearance in K'veer. She said that she would try to lead the nekisahl away with something that their leader greatly desired. Almost immediately, the bahro swarming around Ae'gura also departed. There have been no reports of nekisahl activity in the Cavern or the other Ages since that day.[citation needed]