Observation pod

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Observation pod
Location Pod Age, Todelmer

A pod [ziK] is an observation chamber of D'ni design used to protect visitors from potentially hazardous environments. They are used throughout the Pod Age.

Pods are spherical buildings with two floors. The lower floor has two windows, each with a button which controls an exterior light. There are four buttons which play animal sounds from the local environment, and a power switch. There is a Nexus book and a ladder to the upper floor. On the floor is a large D'ni numeral, which indicates the number of the pod.

The upper floor is the link in point, and has a large window with a button that controls an exterior light. There are ladders to two balconies. Each balcony has a window.

When the power is off, the windows are opaque and the buttons are inoperative. Most of the pods seem to be solar powered. If left on during the day, the power will continue. However, if left on at night, they will run out of power and cannot be reactivated until the next day.

Known pods: