Name in D'ni toDelmer
Author unknown
Connections Direbo
Restoration progress
Current phase Phase 4 - suspended
Added 1/2004 (approx.)

Todelmer is an Age built by the D'ni to study astronomy. Esher implies that there was a specific purpose to the observations, but does not go into detail, except to say that they were never completed.


Unlike many Ages, Todelmer is not a planet, but a moon. It orbits a large, ringed planet, and is itself massive enough to exhibit Earth-like gravity and retain a breathable atmosphere. The surface of the moon is mostly flat, with a network of waterways weaving through green plains and between the occasional crater. Thin columns of rock scattered across the landscape extend up into the air for hundreds, if not thousands, of feet, and it was on these pillars that the D'ni constructed their observatories. The buildings that house the viewing equipment and control systems for the telescopes are located near one another on two of the largest pillars, and are connected by a cable car system. The four primary telescopes themselves are located on other, smaller pillars.

Additionally, there is an observation pod embedded in the ring system of Todelmer's parent planet. It can be accessed using the Todelmer Slate, and the Keep can be found inside. This pod is larger than the ones found in the Pod Age released by the DRC, and it has more observation windows than the other pods.


There are no records to indicate when Todelmer was written, or for how long it was in use. Esher implies that the D'ni were using it just before the fall of D'ni, and that at that time their work was not yet completed, but provides no insight into how long they had been working prior to that cataclysm.

During the DRC's first restoration effort, Todelmer was listed as being at restoration phase 4, and was scheduled for release some time in 2004. Unfortunately, funding for the restoration dried up, and the DRC were forced to abandon the cavern and suspend all efforts to restore the Age. When the DRC returned in 2007, Todelmer was no longer listed on their website's new Restoration Project page.

The Age was one of four to be used in "the quest", a series of tasks that, when completed, gave the person who undertook them control of the Tablet. This device was instrumental in the ongoing enslavement of the bahro by the D'ni people. In 2005 CE, Dr. Watson completed the quest at Yeesha's behest in order to free the bahro from their enslavement.