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Name in D'ni pAiferen
Location Pod Age
Link-in point(s) Middle level, Pod 13
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Phase 4 began January 17, 2007 (approval requested)
Phase 5 began March 5, 2007
Released April 5, 2007

Payiferen is one of many observation pods in an unnamed "Pod Age", possibly used by the D'ni as a zoo or museum. The pod itself is often mistakenly referred to as "a Pod Age", although all known observation pods of this type exist in the same Age.

Geography and Environment[edit]

The Payiferen pod is located in a desert environment, on a continent of the same name. The surrounding area is a vast expanse of arid desert, ringed by snow-capped mountains. The winds in the area are intense, kicking up dust and small rocks. Based on the path of the sun across the sky, Payiferen appears to be close to the planet's equator—or at least in a location where the solar zenith angle is very small.

Payiferen Pod[edit]

The pod itself is a typical observation pod. It is labeled with a large D'ni "13" on the lower floor. The main viewing window on the middle level has four impact marks in it from flying debris kicked up by the dust storms outside. These four impact points have punctured the polarized coating on the glass, and allow direct sunlight to shine through them in bright beams. Four stones placed on the floor of the middle level have bahro symbols on them which glow when struck by these beams of light. When the stones are fully illuminated, a portal appears on the lower floor.

Restoration History[edit]

Payiferen was the third pod to be released. It was already in restoration phase four when it first appeared on the DRC restoration progress page on February 19, 2007, and received final approval on April 5. The Linking Book was placed in the museum in Ae'gura.