Name in D'ni texonot
Location Pod Age
Link-in point(s) Bottom level, Pod 6
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Phase 4 began January 17, 2007
Phase 5 began March 5, 2007
Released April 19, 2007

Tetsonot ("in the abyss" in D'ni) is one of many observation pods in an unnamed "Pod Age", possibly used by the D'ni as a zoo or museum. The pod itself is often mistakenly referred to as "a Pod Age", although all known observation pods of this type exist in the same Age.

Geography and Environment[edit]

The Tetsonot pod is located underwater. Because the pod is damaged, it is unclear whether the pod is actually located in the "midnight zone" of the ocean off the shore of the neighboring continent, or if the pod is in a shallower area and its windows simply don't work properly. Whatever the case, there is no known plant or animal life in the area around the pod.

Tetsonot Pod[edit]

The pod itself is typical of the style used on the Pod Age. However, unlike the other three available pods, the Tetsonot pod does not appear to have been restored to fully working order. Even when the power is turned on, the lighting in the pod flickers regularly, and the windows do not change their appearance. The pod also appears to have a small leak, as the lower level is knee-deep in water.

As with the other pods, a portal appears at regular intervals of roughly 15 hours and 43 minutes—the length of a day on the Pod Age—on the middle level of the structure, approximately 3.25 hours after the portal in Payiferen. The exact meaning of its design and the purpose of its existence is unknown, but because it links to a bahro cave, it seems likely that it is related to Yeesha or the bahro in some way.

Restoration History[edit]

Tetsonot appeared on the DRC's restoration projects list when their website was overhauled in January of 2007. It was already in phase 4 at that time, and quickly advanced through phase 5. It was released to the public on April 19, 2007. Tetsonot was the last of the Pod Age locations to be released. A Linking Book can be found in the Ae'gura museum along with the other three pods. Upon its release, explorers expressed concern that the pod was unsafe, and some accused Cate Alexander of unnecessarily fast-tracking its restoration. Cate denied these charges. While the pod is certainly not in the best condition, it has so far remained accident-free.