From Guild of Archivists
Name in D'ni Dereno
Location Pod Age
Link-in point(s) Middle level, Pod 25
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Phase 4 began January 7, 2004 (added to list)
Phase 5 began January 19, 2007
Released March 15, 2007

Dereno is one of many observation pods in an unnamed "Pod Age", possibly used by the D'ni as a zoo or museum. The pod itself is often mistakenly referred to as "a Pod Age", although all known observation pods of this type exist in the same Age.

Geography and Environment[edit]

The Dereno pod is located in an arctic environment, on a continent of the same name. Due to the complete absence of night time, it is believed that Dereno is located above the Pod Age's arctic circle.

The area around the pod is a shallow body of water, which is frozen over in most places. Icebergs float in the middle distance, and tall frost-covered plants stretch out of the icy water. Beneath the surface, there an array of coral species is visible just outside the pod, and a manta ray-like creature can be seen swimming around. Several small species of fish can also be seen.

Dereno Pod[edit]

The pod itself is a typical observation pod. It is labeled with a large D'ni "25" on the lower floor. Due to the build-up of frost around the window frames and the icy tint of the metal, it does not appear to have a very good heating system. Like the other pods, the windows are tinted until the power is turned on, and an array of spotlights illuminates the underwater area around it. Because the sun never sets on Dereno, the pod will not run out of energy like the ones on Negilahn and Payiferen.

Restoration History[edit]

Initially, Dereno appeared on the DRC's restoration list in Phase Four just before the cavern was closed to explorers in 2004. When they resumed their work in 2007, Dereno was the second pod to be released, on March 15. The Linking Book was placed in the museum in Ae'gura.