Bahro wedge

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Collected bahro wedges, as they appear in Relto.

A bahro wedge is an addition to Relto found in a number of Bahro caves.

A wedge is obtained by touching the symbol[1] on the bahro cave wall; this will cause the wedge to dissolve from the cave and reappear in Relto, floating above a well-like structure.

Each wedge represents an Age, and is part of a ring of wedges. Each ring represents a Journey; the number of wedges part of a ring thus represents the number of Ages in that Journey.

Currently, bahro wedges seem to be nothing more then a reward for completing an Age and reaching that Age's bahro cave.

From bottom to top, the Ages represented by the wedges are:

First Journey

Second Journey

Third Journey

Fourth Journey

Fifth Journey


  1. The symbol is an inscribed version of the linking symbol that connects to the bahro cave.