Bahro wedge

Collected bahro wedges, as they appear in Relto.

A bahro wedge is an addition to Relto found in a number of Bahro caves.

A wedge is obtained by touching the symbol on the bahro cave wall (the symbol is an inscribed version of the linking symbol that connects to the bahro cave.) This will cause the wedge to dissolve from the cave and reappear in Relto, floating above a well-like structure.

Each wedge represents an Age, and is part of a ring of wedges. Each ring represents a journey; the number of wedges part of a ring thus represents the number of Ages in that journey.

Currently, bahro wedges seem to be nothing more then a reward for completing an Age and reaching that Age's bahro cave.

From bottom to top, the Ages represented by the wedges are:

First Journey

Second Journey

Third Journey

Fourth Journey

Fifth Journey