Lord (UnrA) was a title bestowed to Grand Masters of D'ni Guilds chosen by the Guild Council to form part of the "Five Lords" group (sometimes referred to as "The Five") which led the Council. These lords typically held their position for the rest of their lives. When a lord died, a replacement was chosen by the Council, though their replacement did not need to come from the same guild as the person they were replacing.[a]

The first five lords were chosen when King Kerath abdicated the throne in 6997 DE.[2] They were Taeri of the Guild of Messengers, Hemelah of the Guild of Healers, Moleth of the Guild of Caterers, Kedri of the Guild of Writers, and Korenen of the Guild of Analysts.

Known Lords[edit]

Unknown Guild
Guild of Analysts
Guild of Caterers
Guild of Healers
Guild of Maintainers
Guild of Messengers
Guild of Miners
Guild of Stone Masons
Guild of Writers


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Myst: The Book of Ti'ana suggests[1] that lords are always drawn from the same five guilds: Maintainers, Writers, Miners, Books, and Ink-Makers, though the DRC's own research refutes this. At the same time that this suggestion is made, three of the named lords (Rakeri, R'hira, and Nehir) belong to three of these guilds. It is therefore likely that their contemporaries, Tulla and Eneah, are from the Guild of Books and Ink-Makers, but there is no suggestion in the text for which lord belongs to which guild.


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