Tokotah Courtyard

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Tokotah Courtyard
Location Ae'gura, D'ni
Link-in point(s) 5 0 6 50 7 -80 (stalagmite)

Tokotah Courtyard is the courtyard at the top of the Great Stair on Ae'gura. It features a large stalagmite arch in the middle. There are a few DRC tents present in front of the Tokotah I building. The second building to the left hand of the alley is Tokotah II.

It connects to the Museum, the Tokotah Alley, the Hall of Kings, the Kings Lookout and the Palace. A locked gate leads to the currently inaccessible Palace Courtyard. There is a dark inaccessible tunnel at the opposite end of the Great Stair, possibly leading to the Guild Hall or the Tomb of the Great King.

A Bahro stone in some neighborhoods links into the stalagmite on Tokotah Courtyard. This stone leads to the neighborhood's instance of Ae'gura. There is no direct link to the public Ae'gura instance's Tokotah Courtyard, but it can be quickly reached from the nearby Tokotah Alley or Palace Alcove Nexus link-in points.