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Familiar Voices was the third episode of Myst Online: Uru Live, which ran from July 26, 2007 to August 3, 2007.


On July 26th, 2007, the DRC released a KI firmware upgrade, as well as a new page for Neighborhood imagers that allowed Explorers to submit their pellet scores, as an incentive to increase Pellet production for the Lake Light Project. Numbers were lower than expected over the past month since Er'cana's release due to some Explorers who were upset over the Great Zero's activation working to diminish explorer interest in the process of lighting the lake. Similarly, the Lake Light Meter at the Ferry Terminal Docks was removed for 'malfunctioning.'

July 30th, Sharper returns from his hunt in Noloben, confirming his successful hunt and kill of a Bahro. He made a few offhand comments about how he’d studied the Bahro and verified that there were at least two sides. One of those comments was along the lines of, “It’s not like they have red and blue eyes.” (Which would spark no end of discussion and theorizing that they did in fact have red and blue eyes. Such theorizing was wrong, as Bahro seem to have only Blue eyes as a genetic trait, however, the thought stuck in Explorers minds) Sharper insisted that he’d killed a bad Bahro. Reactions were mixed among the Explorers and DRC, both of whom wished to speak with Sharper over his actions as the day went on. Word spread, eventually to reach Sharper.

July 31st, Sharper met with others in the Watcher's Sanctuary to discuss his actions, mostly to discuss his trip in full. Nick White also made an appearance to talk to Sharper. That was when two Bahro linked in onto the Imager with the body of a third. All had blue eyes, and explorers correctly, though through the wrong theory, deduced that Sharper had killed a good Bahro.

Sharper would later clarify his actions and the series of events that had transpired, however, at that moment, he left, warning people not to touch the body. Explorers and the Bahro had a tense sort of standoff, as each side mourned the loss Sharper had inflicted. Bahro, at that point, had been rarely seen, to the point that some Explorers declared anyone that saw a Bahro up close in person to be making it up- even DRC Restoration Engineers. However, after those Bahro left, taking the corpse with them, it could not be denied that Bahro were here in D'ni, and they were making their presence known.

Bahro began appearing in various ages and all across the cavern- from Er'cana City Silos, to Relto instances, and various Neighborhoods... Including Kirel, which was released that day in preparation for the revival of the D'ni Guild System- announced in the same KI-Mail that warned explorers from touching a Bahro directly. The DRC had sought advice from Guild experts among the Explorers, and had chosen four D'ni Guilds- Writers, Maintainers, Cartographers, Messengers- along with one Explorer Made Guild- The Guild of Greeters. T-Shirts were made available. For the moment to show support for the system, and eventually, to mark membership within the guilds. Each shirt was tagged within the KI system, and would eventually allow Explorers access to exclusive Guild Pubs for each Guild chosen- to be released at a later date.

In the Kirel incident, a Bahro appeared within the neighborhood, teleporting here and there, toying with Explorers as they ran this way and that trying to get a good look at it. One explorer would even report to have accidentally run into it when it appeared in between them and a wall. Eventually, the explorers in Kirel would organize into a circle, and sit down. The Bahro appeared there in the center, and sat with them for some time before vanishing.

Sharper would later announce another planned trip to Noloben, and the July Spark- a blue flare of light that had been seen meandering from Age to Age on a monthly cycle- disappeared at the end of the month, unable to be found in any of the existing, available ages.

August 2nd, and the eight Spark was found in the newly released D'ni Sport age of Jalak—jokingly called 'Jalak Dador' by some ResEngs. Sharper would later backtrack his plans for another trip to Noloben.

August 3rd. Cate Alexander appointed a specific Explorer, Reteltee, to be the Guild Advisor. Meanwhile, explorers went this way and that trying to figure out if there were any hidden puzzles or journeys within Jalak, and more Bahro appeared in Ae'gura. But this time, they were accompanying a man long thought Dead.

Phil "Phend" Henderson had returned, seemingly from the dead. Sharper, his old friend from the first DRC Restoration attempt, met Phil in the City, and they talked about the Bahro, that their war was coming for D'ni, and other things.

Phil managed to wring the truth from Sharper - that he had lined up a shot on an Evil Bahro, and that a Good Bahro had thrown itself in between his line of fire. It had sacrificed itself to prevent us from being attacked by the other faction in revenge. Phil relayed to us that a mysterious "he" was coming.

As to who this "He" was, Phil had no direct answer, and soon left with everyone feeling lost and confused.

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