Relto pages

Relto pages are pieces of paper that can be added to a Relto book in order to alter the Age's appearance. These pages can be found throughout the cavern and in a number of other Ages as well. Contrary to the typical and dangerous process of altering an Age's contents by writing in new descriptive text in the Age's descriptive book, Relto pages only contain pictographs, are added to a Relto Linking Book, and can be activated and deactivated at will.

Image Gift Found in Page location Notes
ReltoPage-Bench.jpg Bench Eder Delin On a bench near the fountain.
78px Birds Cleft Next to the Riven Telescope. Available in MOUL
ReltoPage-Butterflies.jpg Butterflies Kadish Tolesa In the alternate vault. A Linking Book in Kadish's vault leads to this alternate version.
ReltoPage-Cannen.jpg Cannen (music player) Great Shaft In the eder tomahn, near Dr. Watson's cot The cannen is located inside the hut, and plays "Gehn's Theme" from the Riven soundtrack. (In Uru: Complete Chronicles, it will play any OGG or WAV files placed in the "My Music" folder in the game's data directory.)
ReltoPage-CleftPillar.jpg Journey pillars Cleft In the bahro cave beneath the tree. Activating this page replaces the Cleft pillar with the four pillars used in the Journey.
ReltoPage-Clock.jpg Clock Ahnonay On the right hand dock of the maintenance center in the second sphere.
ReltoPage-Dock.jpg Dock Teledahn On a platform only accessible through a bahro stone in Ferry Terminal The bahro stone needed for this page is currently not present.
78px Fall Trees Eder Delin In a gazebo to the right of the link in location. Available in MOUL
ReltoPage-Firemarbles.jpg Firemarbles Er'cana At the end of one of the water pipes.
ReltoPage-Fireplace.jpg Fireplace Myst Myst Online: On the book stand next to the Tower Rotation map.

Path of the Shell: In the fireplace, after entering pattern #256 into the door.
ReltoPage-Flowers.jpg Flowers and green grass K'veer On the table in Atrus's prison.
ReltoPage-HutDecorations.jpg Decorative paintwork and rug Eder Kemo On a ledge in the puffer garden.
ReltoPage-HutRoof.jpg New roof for the hut Teledahn Next to the aquarium in Sharper's office. Replaces the hut's normal roof with a heavy thatched roof
ReltoPage-Imager.jpg Imager Great Zero In the alcove beneath the courtyard link-in balcony. This imager works just like the ones in the neighborhoods and can display images or notes created with the KI.
ReltoPage-Islands.jpg Islands Neighborhood On the outside face of the window closest to the light garden. This page is not available in every neighborhood.
ReltoPage-Logs.jpg Logs and stones Gahreesen In the room beyond the KI dispenser, in the hole in the floor.
ReltoPage-Moons.jpg Sun and two moons Ae'gura On a book stand in the museum. These objects do not move, and thus do not alter the time of day in Relto.
ReltoPage-PineTree.jpg Pine tree Kadish Tolesa On a ledge at the overlook between puzzles 2 and 3. This pine tree starts very small, but grows over time. It is in the same relative place as the tree elevator on Myst.
ReltoPage-Rain.jpg Rainstorm Cleft In the tabletop imager after completing the Journey.
ReltoPage-SparkIsland.jpg New island Cleft In the fire pit near Zandi's trailer. This page adds a new island and bridge, where collected calendar sparks are shown. If all sparks have been collected, the island shoots off fireworks.
ReltoPage-Waterfall.jpg Waterfall Gahreesen On the bed in the prison level (accessed through a bahro stone in Teledahn).