A New Light/IC

A New Light was the second episode of Myst Online: Uru Live, which ran from June 23, 2007 to June 27, 2007.


June 23rd, 2007. The DRC released an update to the KI allowing Explorers to create their own Marker Missions. This was accompanied by an announcement from Dr. Victor Laxman of the DRC, claieing that initial calibrations had been completed and the Great Zero was ready to enter the next phase of marker coordinate calibrations- Explorer made Missions. Some explorers were annoyed with this announcement, given that a progress monitor to such an activation had been broken and not updating properly to this stage.

The Watchers Sanctuary, formerly a project that Douglas Sharper had worked on, was also released on the Nexus for explorers to access, along with confirmation that the age of Er'cana would be released later that week as well, with Ahnonay coming a few months after. Explorers who had been here before would recognize changes to the wall colors and a locked door that was once open-able, among other changes. Also newly added were the presence of the Five Volumes of Watcher's Words, resting on a shelf by the locked door.

June 24th, Ikuro Kodama would tell Explorers in the Guild of Greeters Neighborhood (Then erroneously labeled as a "Bevin" in the nexus) early in the morning that the Kahlo Pub building structure was confirmed structurally sound and that the cause of the crack had not been structural in nature, as previously thought. This implied that it had been a plan by the Murderous Bahro to entrap someone and kill them. A few hours later, these thoughts and others in mind, Explorers gathered in their various Hood-based instances of the Great Zero to watch as it activated. Some hoods, such as Uru Obsession, had hundreds of Explorers in attendance at a time to watch as it was powered on.

June 25th, Cate Alexander would announce that she was taking the abdicated vote and seat of the now missing Michael Engberg on the D'ni Restoration Council, giving her two votes in all matters of debate. Douglas Sharper would also announce his plans to head to the age of Noloben to hunt down the Bahro that had killed Willow Engberg. Explorers and DRC members alike were wary of both announcements.

June 26th, Er'cana was released, and Marie Sutherland unveiled a Memorial Imager next to the crack in the Kahlo Pub. It would display the names of lost explorers, who had either died during the Restoration, or on the Surface in the intervening years since the Restoration had first began. Some of the first names added to the Imager at that time included Willow Engberg, Rosette Taylor, and Phil Henderson.

Marie had this to say about the imager at the time: “We have spent the last month trying to decide how to memorialize the explorers that we’ve lost. Nothing I can say will do justice to their memories, so I won’t even try. But this will be a small token.”

June 27th, the DRC would install a Lake Light Meter down at the Ferry Terminal Docks, affectionately named "Bob" by the explorers, which was designed to monitor lake light levels as Explorers dropped pellets into the lake to feed the Algae and make it grow brighter, with the end goal eventually being to restore the Lake's Day/Night cycle.

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