From Guild of Archivists
Author Atrus

Everdunes is a dry, desolate Age of rolling sand dunes that is nevertheless inhabited by intelligent beings. It was written by Atrus when he and his family lived on Myst.


In his Everdunes journal, Atrus notes that the Age experiences very high temperatures, and that there is little water to be found. Despite this, there are still life forms here, mostly existing underground, beneath the dunes. Atrus also remarks that he is fascinated by their existence, since he did not write them into the Age himself.

When Atrus began working on his crystal viewer in Rime, he used crystals and slices of geodes gathered from Everdunes to simulate various properties of the ink used to write Ages and stabilize their behavior.


There was a race of people living on Everdunes, led by a woman named Pran. She and her people were continuously under threat from a group called the Chochtic. While Atrus mentions in his Channelwood journal that he has detailed their conflict in his Everdunes journal, the full contents of that journal have not been released.