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From Guild of Archivists
Name in D'ni elonin
Location Cavern
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Released April 29, 2022

Elonin is a residence in a neighborhood discovered by Dulcamara and Ametist, further restored with the help of the Restoration Team. It is part of a new restoration of the D'ni cavern.


Elonin can be accessed via a linking book on a pedestal in the Chiso Preniv library. The age also hosts the linking book to Eder Bahvahnter.



Elonin was created by Dulcamara with story by Ametist and was originally released (as the Loft) on February 14, 2021 [1]. Updated for play in MOULa, it was released on the Minkata shard on march 9, 2022[2], in preparation for the release on MOULa on April 29, 2022.[3] An early version of Elonin appeared in the third season of The Lost Art.


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