Kadish Gallery

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Kadish Gallery
Kadish Gallery.png
Name in D'ni timelok KADiS
Location Canyon Mall, Ae'gura
Link-in point(s) Kadish Gallery
5 61,071 6 73 7 -84
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Phase 2 began August, 2001
Phase 3 began November, 2002
Phase 5 began May, 2003

The Kadish Gallery was an art shop purchased by Guild Master Kadish after his dismissal from the Guild of Writers. It is one of several shops in the Canyon Mall area of Ae'gura. The shop is filled with stained glass pieces, some of which contain clues to puzzles found in Kadish Tolesa. Kadish also stocked a number of pieces of art created by non-D'ni artists[1].

DRC Restoration[edit | edit source]

The Gallery was designated "City Interior 0080" by the DRC when they started restoring the area. It was under Phase 5 of the process when the cavern was closed in early 2004 CE. However, because the room was accessible from Kadish Tolesa, explorers following Yeesha's Journey were able to link to the Gallery as early as mid-2003.

When the DRC returned to the cavern in 2006, Kadish Gallery was officially opened to explorers visiting Ae'gura. The shop's doors have, at times, been closed when the DRC placed safety or security restrictions on traveling to the island, though explorers can still get to the Gallery itself.

Gallery Theme[edit | edit source]

According to Tim Larkin, composer of the soundtrack for the game, the woman singing in the Gallery Theme is meant to be Kadish's wife, who died alone in D'ni.[2] The actual singer is soprano Tasha Koontz.[3]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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