Book Assembly Island

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Book Assembly Island
Location Riven

Book Assembly Island (also referred to as Crater Island or Boiler Island) was one of five islands on the Age of Riven. Access to the island was restricted to Gehn and his closest followers.

It was here that Gehn established a facility for the production of the special paper used to make Linking Books. He built a wood chipper and boiler in the island's basin. Trees would be shipped from Jungle Island on a special cart railway and converted into pulp, which Gehn would then press into paper and test in the lab he built on the rim of the island. The cloudy, turquoise color of the water in the basin suggests that Gehn was not terribly concerned with the environmental impacts of his manufacturing processes.

This island was also home to the ytram, a small frog whose secretions Gehn would smoke in his pipe. To support his habit, he set up a frog-catching station in a small cave next to his lab.