Golden superdome

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Golden superdome
Golden dome.jpg
Location Riven

The Golden Superdome was a powerplant on Temple Island on the Age of Riven. Its purpose was to generate power and direct it to the five firemarble domes located on each of Riven's islands, where they would in turn power Gehn's faulty linking books. It resembled the smaller firemarble domes, but was made primarily of brick coated with a shiny gold paint. D'ni text saying "The end of the world is near" was inscribed around the outside of the dome. Inside the dome on the lower level was a large basin filled with water, likely meant as a cooling system.

Power was generated by a "waffle iron" shaped device on the upper level of the dome. The waffle iron was actually a grid representing the five islands of Riven. To activate the superdome, five differently-colored marbles had to be placed on the grid in the cell that represented the corresponding firemarble dome for that island. These marbles were specially modified firemarbles called power-marbles. Unlike firemarbles which release energy slowly over time in the form of light, power-marbles could release a tremendous amount of energy rapidly. If the marbles were placed correctly on the grid, five small pins would strike the marbles and release that energy. A distribution machine below the grid on the dome's lower level would send a surge of plasma to the five firemarble domes, powering them up.