Temple of Gehn

Temple of Gehn
Gehns temple.png
Gehn would project his face inside the spherical cage.
Location Temple Island, Riven

The Temple of Gehn was a subterranean complex on the Age of Riven. It was located on the eponymous Temple Island. Gehn used the temple to force the Rivenese people to worship him as a god, and instill fear.

Main Worship Room[edit]

Worshippers would arrive at the temple by maglev. They would enter through a tall metal door which would be opened remotely by Gehn. Inside, the temple consisted of a long room supported by thick stone pillars leading to a spherical cage at the end. The cage radiated golden light from a stained-glass image of Gehn's crest. Gehn's face would then appear within the cage. In actuality the cage was a large imager, and Gehn's holographic form was being projected from an adjacent room. Worshippers would leave offerings of fruit in front of stone effigies of Wahrks situated on either side of the imager. Gehn had co-opted the Rivenese's reverence and fear of the Wahrk. By displaying power over the great fish, he demonstrated that he was the most powerful force on Riven.

Behind the Temple[edit]

A hidden doorway in the wall of the temple led to the room where Gehn projected his image from. Here Gehn would sit in a chair surrounded by a cage similar to the one in the main Temple. The room also allowed Gehn to open and close the main door to the Temple and keep an eye on the maglev.

Beyond this, a cave led to the Fissure Plateau and the Gate Room. Only Gehn's closest followers were allowed to go beyond the Temple to the rest of the island.


This is the second temple to be built on the site. The first temple of Gehn was present on Riven when Atrus worked to trap Gehn on the Age. In the ensuing struggle, Catherine wrote five daggers into the Descriptive Book, one of which fell on the Temple and destroyed it. The new temple was built on top of the old, completely burying any sign of the old temple and the dagger.