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Location Direbo, Laki'ahn, Noloben, Taghira, Todelmer

The Takes are the four pedestals in Direbo to which the Slates have been scattered, so called because they are the places from which you "take" the Slates. Like the Keep, these pedestals are surrounded by a soap bubble-like barrier, and appear to exist in two Ages at once: Direbo, and one of the four respective Quest Ages. When standing inside the Take, you can see outside of it to the Age you are currently in, as well as a faint image of the Age the Take will bring you to when activated, complete with appropriate sounds. According to Esher, the Slates, the Takes, and the Keep were created by the bahro for the Quest, implying that the bahro have the ability to connect two Ages in a much more stable fashion than other attempts by Catherine and Yeesha, which resulted in the Star Fissure.

The Takes themselves act as a Linking computer-like device of some kind, as the rim below the place for the slates contains symbols for Linking to a specific pedestal in the Age, including the Keep, but are only active after it senses that a Slate has touched a pedestal. In the center is another linking "button", meant to take users back to Direbo, represented by three pillars on a mound.