Gate Room

Gate Room
Gate room.png
Location Temple Island, Riven

The Gate Room was situated in a cave connecting the Fissure Plateau to the Golden superdome on Temple Island on the Age of Riven. Its primary purpose was to limit access to the Golden superdome, though its secondary purpose was as a tribute to the Art of Writing.


The Gate Room was five sided, and had exits on two of the sides. The room could be rotated into five different positions, which could grant access to the Temple and Fissure Plateau, Golden superdome from two different sides, or a cave containing a thermal energy source. The exits that led to the Golden Superdome also had gates that could be closed, further limiting access. Though one could rotate the room from just about any entrance, not all five entrances were accessible to each other.

Temple to the Art[edit]

In terms of visual design, the room was a tribute of sorts to the Art of Writing, and Gehn's godhood. This was likely to impress the notion of his divinity upon his followers. At each of the five corners of the room was a large pillar made of a solid tree trunk, representing the trees that books are made from. On the pillars was a model of a scarab beetle, from which the Ink was harvested. Opening the wings on these beetles revealed a little window through which one could see an illustration representing Gehn's dominion over Riven.

The ceiling was blue and covered in stars. This possibly represented the Star Fissure or the void between Ages. Ceilings depicting star fields were not uncommon in D'ni design, as evidenced by the Kadish Gallery and the Neighborhood Classrooms. Hanging from the ceiling was a decoration shaped like a pin nib, representing the hand of the Writer crafting an Age out of the void. This depiction is at odds with the D'ni view of Writing, as the D'ni believed that Ages were created by the Maker and not the Writer.

On the three walls that did not contain a door were written prayers to Gehn in D'ni.

The Legend of Gehn[edit]

The five beetles contain illustrations glorifying Gehn's dominion over the Rivenese people. When viewed in order, they tell the story of Gehn's imprisonment on Riven from Gehn's point of view. First Gehn casts his son Atrus into the Star Fissure in a firey display of his supremacy. Next, Gehn establishes the five Guilds of Riven, and focuses their energies on manufacturing books. Gehn writes new Ages into existence in his newly created books, and finally leaves Riven for a new Age, as though ascending to the heavens.