9659 DE

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9659 DE was a year on the D'ni calendar.


  • Leevofo 15
    • Game publisher UbiSoft Entertainment announces that they are working with the DRC to fund the restoration of D'ni.
  • Leevofo 22
  • Leevofo 23
  • Leevobro 2
    • Explorers organize a sit-in to protest the DRC's erection of barriers throughout Ae'gura.
  • Leevobro 5
  • Leevobro 15
    • Phil Henderson is detained by the DRC in an effort to prevent him from hurting himself or others. Explorers are highly critical of this action.
  • Leevobro 17
  • Leevobro 18
  • Leevobro 20
    • Explorer Tink is permitted to speak to Phil Henderson while he is detained in the DRC's neighborhood.
  • Leevobro 21
    • The DRC revokes Douglas Sharper's access to the Great Tree Pub as punishment for his recent acts of vandalism.
    • Explorers continue their protests of the DRC's actions.
    • Jeff Zandi posts a message on the DRC's forums about "the path of the shell".
  • Leevobro 22
    • The DRC release Phil Henderson on the condition that he stop exploring dangerous areas, as he had been doing prior to his confinement.
  • Leevobro 24
    • A structure in the Guild Hall collapses while Phil Henderson is exploring the area. Smoke rising from the collapse can be seen from the lower levels of Ae'gura. The DRC fears Phil is dead.
    • Dr. Watson leaves D'ni, distraught.
  • Leevosahn 3
    • The DRC grants explorers access to the Great Zero.
  • Leevosahn 15
    • The DRC opens the community hall and Private Room sections of the neighborhoods, and lowers several more barriers in Ae'gura.
  • Leevosahn 17
    • The Wall in the Gahreesen Training Center building is opened to all explorers.
  • Leevotar 1
    • The DRC abandons their restoration efforts as funding from UbiSoft dries up and Dr. Watson fails to return.