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9662 DE was a year on the D'ni calendar.


  • Leevofo 6
    • All five DRC Liaisons are re-elected to a second 6 month term.
  • Leevobro 19
    • The Great Scream—during a DRC meeting, the screams of the bahro are heard, and all explorers both inside and outside of the D'ni cavern are simultaneously linked to their Relto.
    • Explorers report that all of their Relto pages and collected Linking Books have vanished, and all KIs are disabled.
  • Leevobro 20
    • The DRC re-opens the cavern on a limited basis while they check for damage in the wake of the Scream.
  • Leevobro 23
    • Imagers in the cavern come back online.
  • Leevosahn 2
    • The DRC announces that their restoration efforts will resume thanks to funding from venture capital investor Cate Alexander.
  • Leevosahn 3
    • All five of the DRC Liaisons resign, citing poor communication from the DRC and conflict with the rest of the community.
    • Ikuro Kodama announces that the DRC has decided to dissolve the Liaison position.
  • Leevosahn 15
  • Leevosahn 28
    • The DRC shuts down their forum in the wake of the Liaison controversy.
  • Leevotar 2
    • Members of the Great Tree stage a sit-in to protest the shutdown of the DRC's forums. The event is disrupted by Sydney Austin, leader of the "Anti-DRC Movement".
    • The DRC restore access to their forums in response to the protests.
  • Leevotar 7
    • The DRC releases Eder Tsogahl and places it in select neighborhoods.
  • Leevotar 11
    • Winter begins in Eder Delin, marked by sudden snowfall.
  • Leevotar 18
  • Leevotar 20
    • Douglas Sharper is called in by the DRC to investigate the mysterious deaths of animals in Negilahn.
  • Leevotar 29
    • A link to Dereno joins the Negilahn Book in the Ae'gura Museum.
  • Leenovoo 5
    • Douglas Sharper, Nick White, and explorer Rils go on an expedition to Negilahn, where they find the "shredded" carcasses of multiple animals.
    • Cate Alexander releases a map of the "Pod Age", revealing that Negilahn and Dereno are on the same planet.
  • Leenovoo 17
    • Payiferen, a third "Pod Age" location, is released in the Ae'gura Museum.
  • Leenovoo 23
    • Calibration of the Great Zero begins in earnest after the final markers appear in the neighborhoods.
  • Leenovoo 28
    • Tetsonot, the fourth "Pod Age" location, is placed in the Ae'gura Museum.