Reference:Non-collectable items

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A number of non-collectable items that can be kicked around by explorers are present in various Ages, besides those given by Relto pages.

Image Item Found in Released Notes
Planks Cleft
Cones Various locations in Ae'gura,
the Neighborhoods and Gahreesen
Firemarbles Neighborhoods White, red, yellow, blue
Beachball Neighborhoods Nicknamed Eddie
Fish cages Eder Gira
Maintainer's Marks Gahreesen
Maintainer's helmet Gahreesen Part of the
standard duty suit
Packing material Teledahn
Stones Teledahn
Ribcages Teledahn
Quabs Ahnonay
Foot ball Minkata Nicknamed Dusty
Logs and stones Relto, Phil's Relto Obtained through a Relto page
Leather ball Tiam 2021-12-20 Nicknamed Mama
Leaves Kadish Tolesa
Green soccer ball Kadish Tolesa Only present in D'mala
Purple soccer ball Ae'gura Only present in D'mala