Eder Tsogahl

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Eder Tsogahl
Name in D'ni eDer xogal
Author unknown
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Released February 15, 2007

Eder Tsogahl is a small garden Age accessible from various neighborhoods in D'ni.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Eder Tsogahl is a grassy, somewhat marsh-like Age. Like Eder Delin and Eder Kemo, the garden is surrounded by high rock walls which prevent exploration outside of a small area. A number of deciduous trees can be seen on the rim of the rock wall, but in the garden itself there is only grass, landscaped rocks, and some puddles of water. Lamps, patios, and a gazebo with architecture similar to that of Eder Kemo are scattered around the garden.

Eder Tsogahl also has a bahro door, similar to those in the Ages of Yeesha's Journey. This door is emblazoned with a different symbol, and is identical to the one found in Eder Delin. A series of seven journey cloths scattered around the Age are used to activate various segments of the door's locking mechanism. This lock requires all of the cloths to be activated in a unique sequence each time the unlocking mechanism is triggered. The placement of cloths and the randomness of the activation sequence means that it takes multiple explorers to complete the unlocking sequence in the allotted time. Seven explorers is ideal, but experienced groups have been able to complete the process with fewer participants.

History[edit | edit source]

Eder Tsogahl was the second Age approved by the DRC to be released since the restarting of the restoration process in 2005. On February 15, 2007, it joined Eder Delin as one of two garden Ages that could be found in a neighborhood's book room.