List of D'ni kings

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The D'ni empire was ruled by a monarchical system from 1 DE, after the Garternay exodus, until Kerath's abdication in 6985 DE. After that year, rulership was held by the Council.

D'ni Kings in order of succession[edit]

# King D'ni name Lifetime Reign Notability
1 Ri'neref ri'neref 207 BE–120 DE 1–120 DE Led split group of Ronay from Garternay to form D'ni.
2 Ailesh AleS 50 BE–300 DE 120–300 DE Built the first Common Library.
3 Shomat Somat 256–555 DE 300–555 DE Introduced the tradition of using a prophetess as advisor.
4 Ja'kreen ja'KrEn 475–812 DE 555–812 DE Oversaw the construction of Temple of the Great King.
5 Veesha vESa 717–997 DE 812–997 DE Instituted a number of strict guidelines relating to marriage and vows in general.
6 Mararon mararon 924–1159 DE 997–1159 DE Founded the 18 Minor Guilds.
7 Koreen KorEn 1109–1352 DE 1159–1352 DE Was king at the beginning of the Pento War.
(Interregnum) 1352–1376 DE Ahlsendar was king de jure, but he did not rule.
8 Ahlsendar alsenDar 1323–1501 DE 1376–1501 DE Won the Pento War and started the Pento plague.
9 Solath solaT 1423–1779 DE 1502–1779 DE Created the civil district of Karim.
10 Me'erta me'erta 1748–2015 DE 1779–2015 DE Built temples for beliefs that were not Ri'neref's.
11 Gan gan 1871–2070 DE 2015–2070 DE Was king during the reemergence of the Pento plague.
12 Behnashiren benaSiren 2050–2193 DE 2070–2193 DE Was indecisive about everything, which led to cultism.
13 Hemelin hemelin 2014–2356 DE 2193–2356 DE Cured the Pento plague.
14 Naygen nAgen 2270–2533 DE 2356–2533 DE Encouraged the D'ni Renaissance.
15 Hinash hinaS 2467–2779 DE 2533–2779 DE Encouraged contact with ahrotahntee and expanding the D'ni cavern.
16 Needrah nEDra 2704–3000 DE 2779–3000 DE Built JarenNehw'erilKaleh, and Kali.
17 Rakeri raKerE 2919–3219 DE 3000–3219 DE Chose Tevahr as his prophet.
18 Tejara tejara 3105–3422 DE 3219–3422 DE Had the King's Age written.
19 Ti'amel ti'amel 3383–3654 DE 3422–3654 DE Allowed women to join the Minor Guilds.
20 Kedri KeDrE 3574–3903 DE 3654–3903 DE Built Shamathen and renovated the D'ni city.
21 Lemashal lemaSal 3803–4083 DE 3903–4083 DE Created the Relyimah.
22 Ishek iSeK 3998–4291 DE 4083–4291 DE Encouraged contact with ahrotahntee until the kidnapping of his wife, which led to restrictions on Ages.
23 Loshemanesh loSemaneS 4168–4438 DE 4291–4438 DE Passed the Loshemanesh Laws.
24 Ji jE 4402–4692 DE 4438–4692 DE Was the first king to divorce his wife.
25 Demath DimaT 4538–4843 DE 4692–4843 DE Gave guild scholarships to people who could afford tuition.
26 Yableshan yableSan 4734–5081 DE 4843–5081 DE Remodeled guild system and tried to divert the public's attention from their schismatic society.
27 Emen emen 4931–5240 DE 5081–5240 DE Created a public ferry system and was king when deretheni was invented.
28 Me'emen me'emen 5157–5549 DE 5240–5549 DE Built Uran and was king when nara was invented.
29 Adesh aDeS 5500–5701 DE 5549–5701 DE Ordered Gish's assassination.
30 Lanaren lanaren 5603–5999 DE 5701–5999 DE Disbanded the Relyimah and built Lanaren.
31 Asemlef asemlef 5945–6284 DE 5999–6284 DE Helped lower classes and allowed all cults, but was inhumane to ahrotahntee.
32 Jaron jaron 6201–6498 DE 6284–6498 DE Expanded the cavern with Rock Biter and the Burrower.
33 Rikooth riKUT 6442–6731 DE 6498–6731 DE Was open towards ahrotahntee involvement.
34 Kerath KeraT 6677–6985 DE 6731–6977 DE Abdicated in favor of the Guilds.