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Location Ae'gura

The residence of the Kings of D'ni, his family and the prophets. It is located next to Tokotah Courtyard, and close to the canyon. The interior is currently not accessible.

Several locations in or close to the palace include the Palace Courtyard, the Kings Lookout, the Hall of Kings, and the Sutherland Point.

Two bahro stones, one in Kadish Tolesa and one in Gahreesen, lead to the Palace Balcony and the Palace Rooftop, respectively.


King Ri'neref refused to build a palace, saying that he wouldn't have a home before Yahvo has his own, and made his priority to build a temple, the Regeltovokum. Even after the temple was built, Ri'neref continued to dwell in a regular house.[1] King Ailesh followed his example, making his priority a Common Library before building a palace for himself, but again, he didn't build a palace even after the Library was completed.[2]

However one of the first actions that King Shomat took was to order the construction of a royal palace on Ae'gura, which was completed in 347 DE. The palace caused controversy as the D'ni people viewed it as too extravagant with many gardens inside the grounds. Shomat moved his family to the palace, and invited his brothers, but they chose to stay to their own homes.[3] According to a story, Shomat expanded the palace every year but he was soon bored of it. He complained to Lemash and requested a Garden Age and built another palace there.[3]

In 1323 DE a group of the Judges of Yahvo and Pento warriors attacked the palace. As they overtook it, King Koreen ordered his family out.[4] His son Ahlsendar sailed directly through the King's Arch to the Palace which he reclaimed with relative ease. Immediately, he established "safe-zones" and eventually informed the Pento that he wished to begin negotiations. Years later, his former Pento ally Mekarr, came to the Palace and killed Ahlsendar's wife and two sons. After an "astounding battle" Ahlsendar himself killed Mekarr.[5]

In 3271 DE King Tejara made a major renovation.[6]

In 4865 DE, the Blood of Yahvo assassinated the son of King Yableshan and threw his body to the steps of the palace.[7]

King Rikooth expelled his wife Hisha and their son Kerath from the Palace, only to appoint him as his heir before his death.[8][9]