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Exodus is the fifth Myst Online: Uru Live episode, and the finale of the first season. It took place from November 1st, 2007 CE through November 5th.


On September 18th, 2007, the following description appeared on the Coming Soon section of the Myst Online website:

"Destruction is coming. Find a way. Make a home."
The words have been repeated many times. Even while the restoration effort begun again and with the release of new Ages, the words were always said. With the resurrection of the D'ni city, the Guilds, the DRC, and new life filling the Cavern again, the words continued to hang in the air above the orange waters.
What do they mean?
While many questions have been answered, there are more that remain. What effect will Cate Alexander have on the restoration now that the members of the original restoration team have returned? Where will the Bahro war take us? Is the one who originally spoke the words finished with her part in this grand story?
With the release of the new Age of Ahnonay, as well as K'veer Island and Myst Island, there will be changes.


November 1[edit]

  • Marie Sutherland answers questions in the city.
    • She tells explorers that Ahnonay should be ready in a few days, along with K'veer.
    • She confirms that the Wall in Gahreesen is still on the DRC's to-do list.
    • She says that Michael Engberg is doing fairly well, and that "Phil is still Phil".
    • She says that the DRC knows nothing about the sparks except that they are connected somehow to the Bahro.
    • She says she has to talk with Cate Alexander and links out.
  • * Cate Alexander announces her resignation from the DRC at the tent in Tokotah Courtyard.
    • Hello everyone. I do have an announcement to make. It's not an announcement I'm especially looking forward to so I'll get right to it. I am leaving my post at the DRC and the cavern. I will no longer be a part of the restoration effort. It has been a great pleasure. The people I have worked with and interacted with have been fantastic. It's a business decision. I will no longer be funding the project. The cavern is not closing. The DRC is not disbanding... as far as I know. They will have conversations, I'm sure. They will need to find funding. And they can. I am leaving for business decisions. This has always been a business venture for me.

  • Nick White talks to explorers in the UK Explorers neighborhood.
    • He tells explorers that the DRC do not have any current ideas for a replacement for Cate.
    • He says that nobody has heard from Douglas Sharper in weeks, and jokes that some people think he has "become a bahro". Nick says that he is worried about Sharper.
    • In a private message, he confirms that many D'ni people knew about the bahro as a "slave race".
  • J.D. Barnes discusses D'ni language and reveals the D'ni word for "labyrinth": DAjE fala'al.
    • He states he is wary of the lake project, because he fears the DRC do not understand the ecology of the lake.
    • He also says that he manages to get the DRC's attention for brief moments.

November 2[edit]

November 3[edit]

  • Explorers report finding their way into K'veer through Ahnonay.
  • Bahro are seen flying around Kerath's Arch.
    • Phil Henderson links into the Beginner's Bevin, and gives a short statement about the bahro:

      The DRC is powerless. They are almost gone. Wait... Hope... Find a way... It should not be a surprise. It is coming... They are coming. They have always been here. It will be here soon... You have only seen the beginning. They are coming... And if they come... I don't know what we will do.

  • Ikuro Kodama announces that he is leaving for the surface, stating that he cannot contribute to the restoration without funding.
    • J.D. Barnes attempts to convince Kodama not to leave, or at least pass on his research notes before he does.
    • After Kodama leaves, explorers discuss the possibility that the DRC is dissolving, and that the explorers may have to take up the restoration. The consensus is that they should encourage Marie Sutherland and Victor Laxman to stay, as their skills are needed.
    • J.D. Barnes declines suggestions that he ask to be a part of the DRC as members leave. He does agree to try to contact the DRC to try to convince the remaining DRC members to stay.

November 4[edit]

  • Reteltee presents some of his research on the Guilds, which he says the DRC has allowed him to share, as long as it's understood that the DRC does not necessarily endorse his findings.
    • He tells a story of some sort of crisis that occurs between the hahrtee of 7104 - 7196 DE (552 - 460 BC). Records do not indicate the nature of the crisis.
    • It took the Guilds many hahrtee to even decide how to approach solving the problem, while people died.
    • Records indicate that an elder guildsman suggested that all D'ni vote on the best course of action. Reteltee states he thinks that the "nameless guildsman" is an artifice designed to give the D'ni people a rallying point.
    • The crisis was resolved in some unknown way.
    • Reteltee states he thinks this shows that there can be a robust Guild system that is still attuned to the needs of non-Guild members.
  • Marie Sutherland announces that she and Victor Laxman will be staying in D'ni.
    • She also announces that the winners of the Great Zero stained-glass contest will be placed in neighborhoods.
  • Marie Sutherland has a private meeting with J.D. Barnes and Eleri.
  • J.D. Barnes discusses his meeting with Marie with explorers in Ae'gura.
    • He has suggested that they pass on information onto explorers in case the DRC disbands entirely.
    • Marie indicated to him that she is interested, but is unwilling to make any statements that might be misconstrued as a promise, as she feels they are in no position to make promises.
    • He suggests that explorers continue to organize and create as they feel is best, as he feels the community will continue on no matter what happens in the Cavern.
  • JWPlatt meets with Victor Laxman to discuss the pellet project.
    • Laxman says contributions are sporadic, but the algae seems to be doing well. He is happy with current levels.
    • Consistency in pellet production is more important than overall level. He says the numbers they use for measurement are arbitrary, and not as important as stable averages.
    • Laxman checks the level on the lake algae "by hand" every day.
    • The pellet points listed in the KI do not reflect negative points and are not what Laxman is concerned with.
    • Laxman suggests giving report every day from the previous day for a week. If that has un undesirable effect on pellet production, then he'll go back to monthly reports. If it does not, or serves to even out spikes in production, then he will consider extending that.
  • Bahro fly overhead in Ae'gura and land among explorers. They respond to gestures from explorers.

November 5[edit]