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The Lost Art is a machinima series on YouTube, produced by the fan group Mystitech Production, set in the Cavern in an alternate timeline.

Season one[edit]

Prologue: Passing the Torch[edit]

Released: August 7, 2016

The episode briefly sketches some of the post-D'ni history of the Cavern: its discovery by John Loftin and Elias Zandi, the attempts at reconstruction under the stewardship of the DRC, and then abandonment of the project. The episode ends in 2025 with the establishment of D'ni as a World Heritage site under the guardianship of the United Nations. Beatrice Lang and Zarek Mazerowski of UNESCO Special Projects Unit come up with a plan to protect D'ni's secret, i.e. the existence of books capable of linking to other worlds.[1]

A Crackpot Idea[edit]

Released: July 2, 2017

In 2040, as Earth continues to be plagued by a series of disasters of unknown origin, the UN decides to send a small team of civilians and military support personnel to the Cavern. This team, under the leadership of Colonel Gabriel Collins, are tasked with finding anything that might help the increasingly dire situation on the surface.

Through the Looking Glass[edit]

Released: July 22, 2017

Following the accidental triggering of a linking book, Lapahie, Collins, Mazerowski and Jung end up in Teledahn. While working to find a way back to Earth, Alex discovers some interesting properties about the age, and Morgan and Zarek encounter an alien creature.

Meanwhile back in the Cavern, Lukas and Katja help Henry search boxes, during which Katja expresses dismay regarding some aspects of the D'ni culture.

D'ni Dreaming[edit]

Released: August 4, 2017

Katja and Henry continue their exploration of D'ni culture by reading all the journals in the Hall of Kings. After visiting the Great Zero, Alex persuades Gabe to send for the physicist Thomas Maxwell, believing that the GZ has potential that the DRC hadn't unlocked.

Meanwhile Lukas takes Morgan to one of the neighborhoods, where a strange artifact has a disturbing and long-lasting effect on them.

The Age of Writing[edit]

Released: December 8, 2017

Gabe holds a team meeting in Eder Delin, where they catch up on the progress of the mission, and Katja finally has a chance to use a linking book. Meanwhile, Zarek rehearses a presentation on the 'D'ni Art of Writing', with Lieutenant Larson as his test audience.

Exhaustion from his long trip from CERN catches up with Dr Maxwell. He falls asleep on a rooftop and succumbs to a nightmare, the content of which prompts Morgan and Lukas to take him to see the artifact they discovered.

Gabe tracks them down and berates them for their 'insane' theories. Meanwhile the discoveries of a reference book and the Teledahn descriptive book prompt Alex, Thomas and Gabe to begin experimenting with the D'ni art of writing.

Sorrowful Songs[edit]

Released: December 24, 2017

Morgan and Lukas follow Zarek to K'veer, where they use another linking book to explore a lead. Back on Ae'gura, Henry and Katja discover a memorial for lost explorers, which Henry is determined to get working again.

Meanwhile, in spite of their initial successes, Gabe, Alex and Thomas experience a series of writing disasters. Determined to overcome these losses, Gabe decides that the best plan is to keep going. Without telling anyone, they set off to explore another age, Kadish Tolesa, in the hope of finding something useful.

Season two[edit]

Prologue: Passing the Torch[edit]

Released: August 7, 2016


Released: December 24, 2018


Released: July 20, 2019


Released: November 27, 2019


Released: December 29, 2019


Released: May 30, 2020

Season three[edit]


Released: November 7, 2020

States of Possession[edit]

Released: June 5, 2021

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